Monday, 26 January 2015

Listen Up! The Instruments You Can Hear

This post is a version of page 6 in your listening guide booklet. Here you can listen to musical examples that explore the different instruments used in The Soldier's Tale, by following the timings for the Listen Up! Youtube video posted on the blog.

First use this website to hear what the different instruments sound like on their own:

Listen to the first part of 'Airs by a Stream', on the Youtube video: 1'58"- 2'40"

Listen to the first bit of the Royal March (10'56") - you hear the trombone at the beginning, followed by the trumpet takes over at 11'08".

Listen to the Pastorale: 4'55" - 8'17".

Listen to the marching music again from the beginning and see if you can pick out the double bass oom-pah - the percussion joins at 0'55". Also listen to the percussion at the very end - 30'45".

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