Saturday, 24 January 2015

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You've found your way to an educational blog dedicated to The Soldier's Tale by Igor Stravinsky - specifically a space where you can discover more about the music and drama, and also where you can remind yourself of what you've been learning about in the BeCreative Music Workshops and Teach-It-Through-Drama workshops.

Look to the menu on your right, and click on your school's page to explore ideas based on the work we've been doing with you in sessions.

On the main part of the blog (here!) you'll find regular posts about The Soldier's Tale, audio examples that help you to understand the 'Listen Up!' pages of our specially produced booklet (which you can download from this blog!), and much, much more!

You can post comments and also give any of your creative work to your teacher to send to us; we will upload this to the blog for all to see!

If you want to send something to us directly, whether it is a question about the music or drama, about something we did in the workshops, or some of your own creative work that you would like to see on this blog, then please email it to

Have fun!

The BeCreative and Teach-It-Through-Drama team

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